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Ten Million Lights release new single ‘Smother’

1 Feb

Oh hi! Here’s our new single, Smother. It’s on the Bellicose EP, which arrives on the streaming services on Friday 2/23. Soundcloud gets a bonus “alternate future” version…the path not taken.


Ten Million Lights Hit Revolver Studios

1 Oct

Ten Million Lights are pleased to announce that they have entered the studio to record a new LP.  With Nalin Silva at the wheel, Ten Million Lights have harnessed all the history and intrigue of Revolver Studios where music legends and friends like The Upsidedown, Souvenir Driver, The Shivas, and Federale have all laid down tracks.  We can’t wait to share the music with you!

Check out some amazing pics from the studio done by Nick:


Ten Million Lights playing Kelly’s Olympian

1 Sep

10ml kellys

Three great psych/shoegaze/garage bands launch into the heart of the sun. $5.

Ten Million Lights ( will be first– they do gorgeous shoegaze/dreampop. Teleporter 4 will be next, we’re a psych rock band with influences like Love, Echo & the Bunnymen and Slowdive. You can hear our first EP at The excellent Fire Nuns ( will close out the evening with catchy 60s-garage-influenced power-pop.

Ten Million Lights

Teleporter 4

Fire Nuns

Ten Million Lights to play Nuggets Night

1 Jun

Please join Ten Million Lights at Nuggets Night 2o14.  An exciting event that will benefit House of Sound Radio. We will be playing covers from the acclaimed Nuggets Compilations along with tons of great Portland bands including, The Pynnacles, The Verner Pantons, Blue Skies For Black Hearts, The Hauer Things, Beyond Veronica and many more.


Ten Million Lights play Seattle with Vibragun

1 Dec

Ten Million Lights at Sunset Tavern in Seattle, WA w/ Vibragun, and Nestoria

Come check out Ten Million Lights at The Sunset Tavern in Seattle, WA with friends Vibragun (Ex-Black Nite Crash) and Nestoria.

Ten Million Lights on Dream Wave radio

17 Sep

Ten Million Lights on Indie Darkroom Radio at 87.7 FM in NYC

Big thanks to Indie Darkroom 87.7 FM WNYZ in New York City for featuring Ten Million Lights on their Dream Wave show this week.  They played three songs including Fast Asleep, Kill Yr Idols, and The Longing and the Waiting.  Check out the podcast here.

Euro Blogs Discover Ten Million Lights

27 Feb

This week a few European blogs have discovered Ten Million Lights including a couple from Spain, a two more from Portugal.

Una Vuelta Mas from Madrid, Spain wrote that 10ML received “A kick in the ass from Jason Pierce,” of Spiritualized.   No En Portland also from Spain told his readers to turn the volume all the way up before listening to Ten Million Lights!

Thanks to Amor Louco from Portugal who calls the 10ML record “Very cool!” and Impactus for posting links to the record.


Catching up with Ten Million Lights

25 Feb

Thanks to Robert from NWshoegazing for catching up with the bands from his Vibrato 2010 compilation in this post.  He chatted with a bunch of the bands from the comp including Whirl, C’est la Mort, Gypsy Death And You, The Great Wilderness, Ten Million Lights and more.

In the interview Ten Million Lights announced a new remix of their song Still Point by fellow Portland band Starry Saints that will appear on an upcoming EP.

Ten Million Lights Featured On Shoegaze Compilation

20 Dec

Ten Million Lights is excited to be a part of Vibrato 2010, a compilation from the NWshoegazing blog that will be providing the time limited download only compilation.  Vibrato 2010 features 10ML song You Leave Me Hanging as well as songs from C’est la Mort, Insect Guide, SPC ECO featuring Andy Bell from Ride and tons more.  This compilation will only be available until the end of 2010, so download it while you can.

The complete listing for Vibrato 2010 is:

01. “On Smoke” by The Great Wilderness

02. “Down” by The Sunshine Factory

03. “Meaningless” by Whirl

04. “You Leave Me Hanging” by Ten Million Lights

05. “Nothing Ever Lasts” by C’est la Mort

06. “All Your Time” by Anne

07. “Sound Of The Sun” by Gypsy Death and You

08. “Soleil Noir” by American Gods

09. “Silver Clouds” by SPC ECO

10. “10″ by Insect Guide

Ten Million Lights ‘Band of the Month’ on Deli Mag

20 Dec

Ten Million Lights are Band of the Month for December 2010 on The Deli Magazine

Ten Million Lights is excited to be Band of The Month for December on The Deli Magazine.  Big thanks to all the folks at The Deli for all the exposure!