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Ten Million Lights to support Ancient River

3 Sep

ancient river

Ten Million Lights are very excited to open for Ancient River from Austin TX on their tour stop in Portland Oregon.  Ancient River are an amazing psych rock band that shouldn’t be missed.  Local favs Teleporter open the evening.  Presented by Summer Moon & Co.

Check out the preview in the Portland Mercury and Carpe Diem.


Ten Million Lights play with Lucid Lynx

10 Aug

The Portland Mercury says, “Boston’s Lucid Lynx bring their shapeshifting blend of acid rock and neo-psychedelia to the Tonic Lounge, with likeminded locals Ten Million Lights and Teleporter rounding out the proceedings.”

Barcelona DJ Nacho Ruiz mixing in Ten Million Lights

25 Jun


Big thanks to DJ Nacho Ruiz for playing Ten Million Light’s song Nothing In The Sun.  This playlist is chock full of great tunes from bands like Wooden Shjips, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Charlatans, Cullen Omori, Poptone, Wild Nothing, Interpol and so many more.  Check it out here:

Since the year 2002, Nacho Ruiz DJ is a classic in the Barcelona’s nights. As resident of Sidecar Club, during these years has built a trajectory that has made of him one of the most important DJs in the local scene.

Nothing In The Sun is a fun cover of a 60s band called Finch from the Drummer’s Dream EP.

Ten Million Lights on Thai Radio Show

15 Jun
If you haven’t checked out Radioactive on Wassie Radio in Thailand, then there’s no better time than now.  DJ Wassie just played an amazing set that included Ten Million Light’s song Smother along with a ton of great tunes from the likes of Ceremony, 93millionmilesfromthesun, Tim Burgess (of The Charlatans), A Place To Bury Strangers, The Dead Suns, Sexores and lots more.  Check out DJ Wassie here:
07 Jun 2018
Radioactive By DJ. Wassie
1. Track 3
2. Liars – Liquorice
3. 93millionmilesfromthesun – Lie Down
4. Ten Million Lights – Smother (Alternate Future Version)
5. Ceremony – Blue
6. Psychic Markers – Play It Safe
7. Sexores – Tales of the East Coast: a) Bluish Lovers
9. The Dead Suns – Rise and Change
10. Track 2
11. H O N E Y M O A N – We
12. Lean – Chaos
13. Israel Nash – Rolling On
14. Closing Eyes – It’s All Too Much
15. Pompeya – Nothing is Coming Back
16. Centrefold – Thumbtacks And Feathers
17. Track 3
18. The Age of Colored Lizards – Still Around
19. Tim Burgess – Many Clouds
20. All Sparks Burn Out – Sunspots
21. Shoe Shine Six – Daze
22. Purepleaser – bluer
23. A place to bury strangers – Situations changes
24. Bugjar – 24 Hour Sludge
25. Klam – Der Gegensex
26. Bound – Currents
27. Track 2
28. Beach Slang – Noisy Heaven [Quiet Slang]
29. Tiny Fireflies – 2040
30. SHUN – Over Me
31. Collapse – Tokyo

Ten Million Lights’ Sour Oranges selected in top 10 Shoegaze records

11 Jun

Ten Million Lights are very excited to have their new LP “Sour Oranges” selected as one of the Top 10 shoegaze records in May by Shoegazer Alive.  They list includes some heavy hitters like Ceremony, Stella Diana, Terra Pines, Pinkshinyultrablast and more.

Check it out here:

Top 15 Shoegaze Albums in May (2018)

1-CEREMONY east coast – EAST COAST    USA (2018)

2-Landing – Bells In New Towns     USA    (2018)

3-shalloboi – black moon    USA (2018)

4-Stella Diana – 57    Italy    (2018)

5-Klam – Non- (2018)    Italy    (2018)

6-Plant Cell – Landscape     Japan    (2018)

7-Terra Pines – Terra Pines    Australia (2018)

8-Ten Million Lights – Sour Oranges    USA (2018)

9-Centrefold – Centrefold    Canada    (2018)

10-HEATHERS – Midnight Is A Place    Canada (2018)

11-S T F U – Y U M 1    USA    (2018)

12-Pinkshinnyultrablast – Miserable Miracles  Russia (2018)

13-Endless Winter – Season 1 _ Kuiper    USA    (2018)

14-Saturn’s Dream – Saturn’s Dream    USA (2018)

15-Reflector (Madrid) – Canciones para cumplir 18 años    Spanish    (2018)

Airplay for Ten Million Lights

31 May

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind with releasing the Bellicose EP, our full length Sour Oranges and the upcoming Drummer’s Dream EP.  We have been very thankful for all the support we’ve gotten from DKFM, Primal Radio and DJ Ola from Ola’s Kool Kitchen.  We’ve also gotten a couple of fun spots on local radio including KPSU.

KPSU‘s show The House of Sarcasm did a live in studio with our friends The Reverberations and talked about the upcoming Nugget’s Night where we will release our Drummer’s Dream EP, a collection of 60’s psych covers.  They also played Falling Apart off our new record, along with other Portland bands we’ve shared the stage with like The Pynnacles and The Fire Nuns.  Check it out here:

Longtime supports from Windsor, Canada played our song Revolt appropriately on CJAM’s Revolution Rock show along with noise rockers A Place to Bury Strangers, local favs The Wipers, and tons more.  Check it out here:

Turn Up The Volume from Belguim included us in a post of seven bands they’ve been playing on repeat for the past week including Oskar Braves, Vacation Forever, Dutch Tulips and more.

And last but not least, thanks to Drive By Media for starting off this playlist with our song Dakota\Code\Talker along with songs from Dirty Sidewalks, Beach House and other great bands.

Ten Million Lights featured in The Blog That Celebrates Itself Radio Show

25 May

Ten Million Lights is excited to have been included in this radio show along with some pretty amazing bands like Ceremony, Skywave, Swirlpool and tons more.  Big thanks to Renato from The Blog That Celebrates Itself for his continued support of great music!  Check out the playlist below:

The Blog That Celebrates Itself Radio Show
Edition 220, originally broadcasted by Vinil FM
May, 22 , 2018

1 – Skywave – Got That Feeling
2 – Palewave – Roof Jumper
3 – Bruises – Quiet Loud
4 – Local Politics – Always Sad About Something
5 – Pale Sun – Tides
6 – Daze – Guilty
7 – Swirlpool – Tired Eyes
8 – Rural District – Spring Has Come (with Eriko from Plant Cell)
9 – Routine Death – Parallel Universes
10 – Medio September – One Dimensional Man
11 – Ceremony – Fuck You Sunshine
12 – Ten Million Lights – Red Tornado
13 – Noise Is Everything Else – Levity
14 – Silver Dapple – Vibration


TBTCI hosts Ten Million Lights for a Track by Track

18 May

The Blog That Celebrates Itself

Big thanks to Renato from The Blog That Celebrates Itself for asking Ten Million Lights to do a Track-By-Track on its new release Sour Oranges.  Ryan, Eric, and Emily all contributed to discuss the lyrics, the songwriting and how they felt about the songs.  Renato himself described the record as “Melodious noise”, and “impossible to stop listening to.”

Check it all out here:

Swan Singing lauds Ten Million Lights

16 May

Thank you to Swan Singing, a blog from Poland who wrote a nice review of Sour Oranges.  You can read the English translation below:

“Obviously, they sing about love. As in my favourite track on the album, “Red Tornado”, in which they blame the Cupid for treacherous shots. And they do it in particularly danceable and charming way of shoegazing pop from the 90. No wonder that they list Jesus and Mary Chain, Swervedriver and Lush among their inspirations. “Red Tornado” smoothly transforms into another outstanding track of the album: “Smother”, in which they included the band’s motto: “drive faster, love harder, die following your heart”.
Another great song would be “Revolt” with its aggressively psychedelic guitars and calm vocal supported by the bass line. Although there are more peaceful tracks on the album, the band is best in rocking psychedelia. Very tasteful sour oranges.”

Ten Million Lights Blow Your Mind

24 Apr

Ten Million Lights - Sour Oranges

Ten Million Lights are excited that they have been getting some press for their new record Sour Oranges.  Check out The freshest sounds that will blow your mind from The Devil Has The Best Tuna who says, “Red Tornado, the new single from Portland five piece Ten Million Lights sounds like The Dandy Warhols with Mikki Berenyi on vocals. It’s a Bohemian Like You for the noughties.” (They also gave some love to fellow Portland band Lazy Legs, one of our local favs.)

Whitelight/Whiteheat also shared Sour Oranges along with a ton of great new music from shoegaze/post-punk bands like BNLX, Magic Wands, Lazy Legs, Pinkshinyultrablast, and lots more.