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Podcasts Featuring Ten Million Lights

29 Nov

Big thanks to Mr. Atavist for including Throwing Spells from Ten Million Lights on his most recent radio show on WRIR 97.3 FM in Richmond, VA and on his podcast called Sunrise Ocean Bender: I Gotta Get Out Of This Void.  Included in this podcast are other artists like The Dandy Warhols, The Oscillation, Acid Mothers Temple, Bardo Pond, The Revolvers, A Head Full of Stars and tons more.

Also thanks to DJ Bynar on Indie Disco in Greece for posting his two most recent mixtapes that both included Ten Million Lights song Kill Yr Idols along with other great tunes from bands like The Dandy Warhols, Film School, School Of Seven Bells, Silversun Pickups, Metropol, The Cure, White Lies, and more; plus cool mashups by DJ Bynar.

Indie Disco Playlist (23/11/2010)

Indie Disco #153


Ten Million Lights Charting on College Radio

24 Nov

Ten Million Lights is excited and thrilled at the overwhelmingly positive response to their debut album on college radio.

Currently they are in rotation on 45 stations and are charting on 7 of those stations including Bagel Radio in San Francisco at #12, SCAD in Atlanta, GA at #7, and WUVT in Blacksburg, VA at #4!

Make sure you listen to the fun interview that Ryan Carroll gave to Ian Marshall at WUVT.  Also in Virginia, Mr. Atavist at WRIR has been a huge supporter of 10ML, including them on his radio show and on his blog.

The Deli Features Ten Million Lights

23 Nov

Ten Million Lights is excited that The Deli featured them on Portland Artists On The Rise saying 10ML is an “Interesting combination” of noisy, industrial/shoegaze guitars, male/female vocals, and trip-hop beats.  The Deli also included 10ML in their Band of the Month poll.  Vote for 10ML here.

Thanks to Andrew Martin from Potholes In My Blog, who wrote a lovely review of 10ML saying, “The band’s lead single, Fast Asleep, absolutely had me interested in hearing more from them.  The vocal melodies during the chorus were particularly gripping as was, of course, the gigantic wall of sound.”

The very poetic blog from France, So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away were the first blog  to post10ML song, The Longing And The Waiting, and called it, “stunning iridescent pop. radiant. sensitized solar. Residual memories of a past musical lands known reincarnated. owl.”

Nerdy Frames introduced Ten Million Lights to their readers and posted an MP3 for Fast Asleep.

Ten Million Lights Mixtape Madness

22 Nov

Ten Million Lights is excited to have  been included in so many mixtapes this week including one today from Beat The indie Drum which featured Fast Asleep along with songs from artists like Telekinesis, Loch Lomond, British Sea Power, Bardo Pond and more.

Eardrums Music also included Fast Asleep along with tracks from Dum Dum Girls, Fujiya & Miyagi, Cloud Nothings, High High, Psychic Powers and more.

Thanks to Faronheit for again including a Ten Million Lights song in their Pick Your Poison mixtape.  This time they featured Fast Asleep as well as tracks from White Pines, Weekend, Bikini, Computer Magic, Swim Party and others.

Nicarola Musikblog from Germany led off his Mixahulababy #202 mixtape with Fast Asleep and followed it with songs from Modern Skirts, Cloud Control, The Heavy, Brass Bed, and White Pines.

MVSW On The Rise also featured Fast Asleep along with other tunes from artists like Keith Cansius, OFF!, The Octopus Project, The Glass and more.

Reviews coming in for Ten Million Lights

17 Nov

Big thanks to Nick from Northwest Adventures in Audio for his well thought out review of the debut Ten Million Lights record.  He said, “10ml’s panned mix of Emily Logan’s caramel vocals and Ryan Carroll’s ashtray mouth resonates over eerie, well-layered guitars, but the metronome hi-hats make this release perfect for driving through the crisp Willamette breeze of autumn.” – Read the whole review here.

More blog love for Ten Million Lights from Largehearted Boy who included Fast Asleep on his Daily Download along with other artists like British Sea Power, Badly Drawn Boy, Girl Talk, The Shape Of The Earth, Concretes, Swim Party and more.

2+2=5 from Italy were gracious enough to add Kill Yr Idols to their playlist “The Art of Copyright Killing #49” along with artists like Mew, 65daysofstatic, Suuns, Menomena, Deerhunter, Manic Street Preachers, Trembling Blue Stars, and more.

Soundtrack2 featured Still Point on their “Ep. 48: You Faded” as well as a ton of other great tracks from A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Lilys, Love As Laughter, The Darkside, Matthew Dear, Secret Knives and more.

Backseat Sandbar also included Ten Million Lights in their post “Top Album Releases: October 2010”

Ten Million Lights on XMU Radio

10 Nov

Fast Asleep  by Ten Million Lights on XMU Sirius Satellite Radio

Ten Million Lights is excited that they have been receiving such great support from so many radio stations including XMU Sirius Satellite radio and Bagel Radio in San Francisco.  The record is charting #16 at both SCAD in Atlanta, GA and WDUB in Granville, OH Doobie Radio.  We’ve had a blast doing interviews at WUVT, in Blacksburg, VA and on KSCL, in Shreveport, LA.

Honestly we’re humbled by the support we’ve been receiving and are overwhelmed by the number of stations that have put us in rotation including, WCDB, WHCL, WKWA, WBJB in NY and NJ; KBEACH, KUCI and KCSS in California; and KXCI, KJACK, and Radio Pheonix in Arizona.

WVAU and WJHU in the Washington/Baltimore are have been spinning the record and tons more stations across the US like WUMD in Dartmouth, MA, KRUI, in Iowa City, IO, WMHD in Terre Haute, IN, WSCA in Portsmouth, NH, Radio UTD in Richardson, TX, WASU in Boone, NC, WUMD, in Dearborn MI, and WAWL in Chatanooga TN.

Big thanks to Canadian stations who have also been playing our songs like CJLO in Montreal, CJUM in Winnipeg and CHMR in St. Johns, Newfoundland.