Ten Million Lights Enter Studio to Begin Next Record

11 Apr

Ten Million Lights are excited to announce that we have begun recording our follow up to 2018’s Sour Oranges.  This session included new tracks Comatose and Slow Diver Down (working title).  Our initial unmixed tracks sound great and we are super excited to be able to share them with you soon.


Ten Million Lights play Alberta St. Pub with Dirty Sidewalks

1 Apr

Ten Million Lights had a ton of fun with Dead Dives and Dirty Sidewalks at the Alberta St. Pub on March 22nd.  Dead Dives played furious punk rock with a psychedelic lap steel to mix it up and Dirty Sidewalks played their brand of Britpop-via-Seattle with perfect harmonies and wicked grooves.  Willamette Week described Ten Million Lights as a “Powerful live propulsion washed in a psych/post punk/shoegaze blur.”  We blasted through an all new set of songs, in a preview of a new album we’re about to record.


Big thanks to our friend and amazing photographer, Jeff Mendenhall, for coming out to the show and taking these great photos!  You can see all of his work and can buy prints here:  https://www.instagram.com/jeffmendenhallphotography/


Ten Million Lights visit Radio Hot Tub

22 Mar

Ten Million Lights had so much fun joining Uncle Scotty this morning, live in the studio on Radio Hot Tub on 90.3 FM Freeform Portland.  We had a hilarious time discussing pop-culture, our favorite local bands and our upcoming show at the Alberta St. Pub w/ Dirty Sidewalks and Dead Dives.  We gave a special shout out to Luke Strahota from The Egg Dimension for putting the show together.


Ten Million Lights on The Sonic Blender radio show

18 Feb


The Sonic Blender radio show from Thunder Bay, Canada included Ten Million Lights’ song Revolt on its most recent playlist along with artists Wintersleep, Late Spring, Solids, Spielbergs, and tons more.  Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/TheSonicBlender/


Ten Million Lights and Dirty Sidewalks to play show

15 Feb

Ten Million Lights, Dirty Sidewalks, Dead Dives

The Egg Dimension presents Ten Million Lights, Dirty Sidewalks, and Dead Dives at Alberta St. Pub on Friday, March 22, 2019.  We are very excited to share the stage with Dirty Sidewalks from Seattle, who share the common love of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Oasis and other great Britpop bands.

Ten Million Lights featured in Shoegaze Sanctuary Radio massive year-end playlist

28 Dec


Ten Million Lights are so excited to be part of Real Shoegaze Radio’s 2018 tribute to shoegaze.  Its a 500 song, 37 hour playlist of everything shoegaze and dreampop.  They included two Ten Million Lights songs, Fast Asleep and Smother, along with so many other amazing songs its mind boggling.  If you like it dreamy then this playlist will be your soundtrack for the new year.

Ten Million Lights in Shoegazer Alive Top Albums of 2018

24 Dec

Ten Million Lights - Sour Oranges

Ten Million Lights are honored to be in Shoegazer Alive‘s top Oregon Albums/EPs of 2018.  Ten Million Lights’ album Sour Oranges came in at #2 on a list that included other great Oregon bands like Lost Echoes, Tender Age, and St. Uber.

Check out the list here: https://shoegazeralive9.blogspot.com/2018/12/top-5-oregon-shoegaze-albumseps-in-2018.html

Ten Million Lights in Forkster Top Singles of 2018

18 Dec

Ten Million Lights are very excited to be featured as one of the top singles of 2018 by Forkster, coming in at #12. Check out what they have to say and listen to the Spotify playlist below:

“#12 ‘Mayday’ by Ten Million Lights
Music Effort: Off their self-released 10-song album ‘Sour Oranges’.

Genres Heard: Shoegaze excellence and noise rock/psych rock might.

Song Strengths: This dreamy yet musically erupting tune is massive. Shoegaze supreme quality here as well as a volcanic trippy noise rock ending that just had my ear music modules warming wonderfully! Fans of Slowdive, MBV, RIDE and Swervedriver well, you’ll absolutely ‘love’ this track!”


DKFM add Ten Million Lights to Best of 2018 Playlist

17 Dec

DKFM are one of our top radio stations, so we couldn’t be more pleased to be added to their playlist featuring “Best of 2018 Shoegaze and Dream Pop as chosen by our listeners and tastemakers.”  Check out Ten Million Lights’ song Falling Apart (Extended Mix) along with tons of great songs from bands like Film School, The Stargazer Lilies, Bloody Knives, True Primitives, Soft Science, The Beramy Jets, Swervedriver, and so many more.

Ten Million Lights in a Moment of Eclection Radio Show

14 Dec

Ten Million Lights are very excited to have been included Moment of Eclection‘s radio show.  Listen to this podcast of the show that features a slew of great music.  Thank you RockerBob!